Album Review: MOONS by Lazer Kitty

The new MOONS album by Lazer Kitty is a spacey scientific lab experiment of percussive variations with wavy synth fluxions. Inside the probing voyager, your experiment awaits. A silhouette walks down a sterile white plastic tunnel carrying a delicate metal tray of toxic beaker potions. An assembly of scientists in shiny patent leather shoes toe tap as they intricately concoct. You have successfully reached your destination, listeners.

I was especially intrigued by “Pilgrimage.” The sounds pave the way through the emotion of an aerodynamic wind ready to launch you beyond the physical world into an unknown paradise. You can get lost through the natural vibration of a concrete forbidden metropolis with all the varying transitions. “Nothing Can Reach Me Here” draws one in introspection. Its curious tones reevaluate an expedition of a determined effort, and the realization of a mission’s purpose. It’s at this point in the track where a heightened level of reflective elation occurs. The song feels as though it displays a retrospective on challenges of the past that are now set aside as one accepts the prosperity of the current, and the realization of perseverance to keep at it.

Overall, MOONS is a curious, explorative album built with an inquisitive enchantment. It methodically has gentle build ups with echoing vocals, xylophone sounds, and percussive breakdowns in a carefully orchestrated way to break out into an endless universe.