Brand New Talk: Jamie Von Stratton

Multi-talented fashion designer extraordinaire, Miss Jamie Von Stratton, is throwing a massive extravaganza at the Triple Door, Thursday, October 11. Featuring collections by J. Von Stratton Designs, the fashion showcase will present themes of glamourous 1960s winter wear, evening gowns covered in glitz and glitter, and hat tips to Bob Mackie 1950s Barbie doll style. All of the designs on display will be available to bid on in a live auction benefitting Washington Women in Need.

In addition to the runway show, Jamie dipped into her performance Rolodex and has invited a bevy of friends and associates with an array of talents to share in stage. Expect drag queens, aerialists, opera singers, burlesque dancers and real life pin up dolls. Before the show, you can join Jinkx Monsoon and Mama T in the Liquid Lounge and sip cocktails and schmooze with all of the fabulous fashionistas as they pour in for the evening. The pre-show party kicks off at 6PM and is free of charge, so there’s really no excuse to not at least make an appearance. Doors for the official event open at 8PM. Tickets are $28 and can be purchased online at the Triple Door’s website.

The queen bee behind this fashion and performance spectacular hung out with Seattle Peach last week and gave us a little preview of the pieces she’s working on for the show. Find out what music gets this little cupcake going below in the very first edition of Brand New Talk!

What 5 artists are you listening to the most right now?

Well, mostly due to the video, but that PSY song “Gangham Style”, it’s just so great! Also, I love dance pop, yup the modern Gaga/Rhianna/Niki stuff. It’s great to clean your house too. Bjork, always some Bjork in there. I listen to Dean Martin and France Gall radio on Pandora. I’m always trying to keep my ears open for new music for choreography.

What music do you put on first thing in the morning?

I don’t listen to much music in the morning over coffee, as it’s my “answer emails” time. But Abba’s Greatest Hits is always fun to wake up to.

What do you jam out to while prefunking for a night out?

See modern Dance Pop reference above. haha. So, it’s good for house cleaning AND getting ready with the girls.

If you could pick any band/artist to perform for your runway show, who would it be and why?

Bjork. It’s been my dream to work with her since I first saw the Sugarcubes video “HIT” when I was 14. She always had her own style. That really molded my view on fashion over the years. She gets it, how to dress in a way that represents you, but doesn’t take it too seriously. That Swan dress had eggs hidden in it, that she kept ‘laying’ on the red carpet. That’s fucking hilarious!

What band/artist best represents your (design) style?

Pop Stars. I love Pop Star stage fashion. It’s just so fun, and you can really push the creative edge.

What musician/band would you most like to style or design for?

Of course Bjork, but more sensibly would be Katy Perry. I feel like I already own much of what looks like it belongs on her tour. I think we’d get along like Gangbusters.

What musician/band are you most excited to see play that is coming to town in the next few months?

Oh, I don’t know! Can I say that I’m really excited to see Book Of Mormon? I’m out of touch with who’s playing/what’s good anymore. I realized in my late 20’s, when I wanted to start sitting at shows, that I was probably getting old. Haha! It’s funny to think of the times when I was a teenager, going to shows and being reckless. (You know, throwing yourself off a stage, getting your lip ring pulled out by a wayward boot, coming home with bruised and bloody.) Now, I want to sit comfortably with a drink in my hand and my fancy ensamble, and chill.