Kristen Truax Makes Me Blush

I can not consciously talk about Seattle music or fashion without talking about Blush Photo. Blush (Kristen Truax) is a one-woman powerhouse of an operation, a brilliant rock photographer, and a very dear friend of mine. Going strong since 2006, Blush has uniquely captured the local music scene for the likes of GQ, Alternative Press, the Stranger, Seattle Weekly, Sound Magazine, and the Filter and KEXP websites.

Kristen possess an exceptional eye for composition and has a surefire knack for seizing that absolutely perfect moment on stage that sums up an entire performance. PLUS, she’s a totally radical chick with a killer sense of humor who is a blast to hang out with, whether you’re in front of her lens or just kickin’ it with her at Oddfellows.

Seattle Peach was dying to know what the latest haps is with Blush, so I shot her an email to see what was up:

You recently shot Sasquatch for Sound Magazine. What are some of your most memorable moments from the festival?
I ended-up contributing my Sasquatch photos to several Seattle blogs and publications, including The Stranger, Sound Magazine, KEXP and Gibson Guitar’s official website. This years festival was a million times more amazing than last years. I camped with (the Stranger’s) Kelly O and had a ridiculous amount of fun with my favorite Seattle buddies. I got to shoot portraits of two of my favorite bands, St. Vincent and Silversun Pickups and watched the sunset over the canyon with a new friend to the soundtrack of Nine Inch Nails performing live. It was simply beautiful. All of it was beautiful. 

Ever have any embarrassing moments on the job?
Adding a little humility to the interview, Brooklyn? I like that. Gosh, there are endless doosies and fuck-ups on my sets and shoots…comes with the territory of working with a lot of people. One “incident” comes to mind, although it’s probably more of a “Kristen-ism” than anything. When I shot Matt Brooke for Sound Magazine last year, instead of saying “Hey man, your music with Carissa’s Wierd was amazing!” Or “Gee wiz Matt, I think you’re the bees-knees!” I blurted out, “I’ve been in love with you for sooo long!!!!!” Oh Lord, I felt so so stupid the second the words left my mouth. His response was something humble, but the whole thing was so ridiculous. By the way, it’s totally true, though. 

What is your favorite venue to shoot at and why?
I get asked this question all the time and I always say Neumos. I was their house photographer for about a year and am still invited to shoot shows there. They truly are family there, which is a cool thing to have in the industry. 

Who do you think will be the next big thing to blow up out of Seattle?
Well, Blush! As far as music goes, I think those Mad Rad kids will be the ones to do it. Although they can be bunch of rowdy little shits, their music is solid and their energy is buzzing all over town. 

You just turned 28–what does this year have in store for Blush Photo?
As you know, Brooklyn, 27 was a crazy year from me personally. Blush kicked-butt, but I also had to make a lot of difficult decisions, and follow-through on them. It wasn’t easy to say the least, and right up until 11:59pm on July 6th I was ready for a new year, fresh start or however you’d like to look at it. My first focus as a fresh 28 year-old entrepreneur is my photography show I am hanging at Sole Repair during the Capitol Hill Block Party, and after that, L.A. 

* * *

Blush Photo is in the habit of hanging photo shows in rock and roll venues, such as her show at Neumo’s last spring, where she served as House Photographer, and her most recent show, “Make Me Blush,” which hung at the Gibson Guitar Showroom, where she serves as the sole photography consultant. Her upcoming photo show will be no exception, hanging in Sole Repair during the Capitol Hill Block Party weekend.