Marz’s Top Ten NW Releases 2013

It’s that moment to expose my selection of top 10 releases of 2013. In fact, these musicians are the bloodline of Seattle’s underground music scene. It’s deep-rooted traditions have proven to be no exception this year with many of us experiencing lovely times gathering in the basements of homes in non-descript locations, the occasional abandoned freeway pass, guerrilla style sets on the concrete patios of parking lots, or the obscure record store. These bands kept our spirits up as we found endless limits on sound. So in true DIY fashion I present to you the best releases of the Seattle music scene for 2013. Individually, they encompass the North Westerner with all its blood, sweat, and ambition. I also snapped a photo of each of them in their raw element.

As we look back on the year we can appreciate that our musical community spawned a new dawn of perpetual rebirth locally, and their form of expression is non-comparative in the organic spirit of the underground.

1. MTNSAll Songs Are Spells LP, released 12 March 2013

Through an unlocked gate, luminous orbs shine on your eyes and ears while tremors seep through every part of your cranium.

2. Midday VeilTHE CURRENT CD, released 09 September 2013

These vibrations will let your mind go into hypnosis with the serenity of higher powers through teeth and hands.

3. King Dude Holy Trinity 7”, released 01 February 2013

Channel into the chants of a compassionate savant that embodies a spiritual warrior of domination.

4. Pony Time Go Find Your Own full length, released 19 February 2013

They will blast your ears off with radical shape shifting dance shaking landslides.

5. Ecstatic Cosmic UnionEcstatic Cosmic Union XCU cassette tape, released 13 April 2013

This pair heals wounds by harmonizing with sounds and sonic frequencies to put you in a trance.

6. Golden GardensBellflower EP, Limited edition physical release date 29 October 2013

Their seducing aura inhabits your atmosphere with air steady beats and beaming vocals.

7. Jetman Jet TeamWe Will Live the Space Age full length CD, released 16 April 2013

Their layered fluctuating tones provide crystallized thoughts with the momentum to induce the intricate maze of life.

8. Briana MarelaI Don’t Belong To You 7″ lathe single, released 26 May 2013

Marela’s wise composition displays harmonizing storytelling as though one was flying through the wilderness of a night’s sky.


9. Sick Sad WorldSelf Titled cassette tape, released 21 January 2013

Humble love ballads by such tender romantics… get your heart on.

10. Prohibituary– In One Fell Swoop cassette tape by R. Stevie Moore and TV Coahran on record label ggnzla RECORDS, released 21 February 2013

The collaboration of an avant-garde range of multimedia instrumentation, and spoken word personifies its boundless form.

cover art provided by the artist
photos of artists by Marz Martinez