Peachy Q&A: Corina Bakker of the Tempers

A trio of siblings born and raised in the SEA, The Tempers have been tearing up stages across this great city and beyond for a couple of years now. Fusing electro with a bit of garage rock and a strong new wave influence, the Tempers DIYed their first record back in 2010 and have been going strong ever since.

Seattle Peach has to tip her hat to this band because the Tempers were doing the glam-goth thing years before its recent fashionable resurgence. Front woman Corina Bakker’s dramatic rock ‘n’ roll style is certainly trendsetting–her look draws attention on and off the stage. Known for their totally crazy live shows, Corina does the most when she’s got a mic in her hand, and the group always looks amazing. Careful attention has been paid to the visual side of the performance. It’s sparkly and spooky, it’s dazzling and disquieting, it’s dead disco.

Corina was sweet enough to answer a few peachy Q’s about her fashion sense for us. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see the Tempers’ music video for “Alone Again” and if you like Corina’s style, pop into Golden Elephant Vintage, her pop up shop inside Bluebird Ice Cream on 1205 E Pike St.

How would you describe your day to day style?

As of lately 2012 inspired space glam.  Just got these silver metallic Doc Martins that I’ve been showin off.  I usually wear dramatic coats.  I like intensity.  Long black faux fur trenches and big 70’s fur collars.  I’ve always had a leaning towards glam and goth.  70’s meets 90’s.  dark space magic.  Oh and I always accessorize.  The bigger and spikier the better.  A lady’s got to protect herself.

Is there a difference between what you wear everyday and what you wear on stage? What is the difference?

There is definitely a difference, mainly it’s the dramatic makeup and  bare feet.  I like turning into a ghoul on stage.  I’m sort of a heightened version of my inner-self.  A screeching white faced she-devil that likes to dance in a cape.  I would dress and act exactly the same on the street if i didn’t run the risk of getting arrested.

Do you guys coordinate wardrobe for your shows? What is your process for styling the band?

We always try to coordinate.  Sometimes its super planned (matching bodysuits and makeup) and sometimes its more of a vibe thing like “lets go for a tropical black magic metallic leather thing.”

How has your style evolved since the Tempers first started playing shows?

It evolves everyday, but the vision is the same.  It’s like any art-form, you always feel like you’re just a step away from the most amazing shit ever.  I’m always trying to reinvent my fashion although i know what I like.  It really hasn’t changed much since I was 15.  Still diggin dark makeup, glitter, and shredded tights.

Who’s style inspires you, who are some of your fashion icons?

I’d say my parents back when they were playing in a band called The Three Squirrels from Hell.  They wore giant tweed coats and wore their hair in jelly rolls they called Squirrel tails.

What are some of your favorite pieces from your own wardrobe?

My metallic Doc Martin Moon boots!  Knee high stockings, my UFO necklace, smiley face ring, spiked afghan cuffs, and all my furs baby!!

If you could go on a shopping spree anywhere on the planet, a.) Where
would you go? b.) What stores would you go to? c.) Who would you bring
with you? d.) What is at least one item you definitely be shopping for?

I’d go to Berlin, London, Paris, Prague, Rio, Barcelona, Milan, New York and Tokyo  and I would  bring my million $$$$$ sugar daddy.  I’d go everywhere and i’d be looking for a wood grain bodysuit and a vinyl backpack that looks like a bunch of purple grapes. And tons of other shit!!

Photo Credits: 1.) James Bakker; 2.) Lord Photog; 3.) James Bakker; 4.) Mike deLeon