Peachy Q&A: Marz of Art Ache/TWINSISTR

For the past couple of months now, Seattle Peach has been popping into Art Ache, a vintage and handmade pop up art market held every first Sunday at Vermillion. There is always a gaggle of cool kids running about, trying on clothes in the bathroom, sipping on $3 mimosas, and grooving to a daytime dance party inside the bar. Last month, I was lucky enough to meet Marz, who curates and hosts the event. She is also the brains behind the immaculately collected TWINSISTR Vintage, which has a rack at Art Ache, and Seattle Peach ended up taking home three pieces in May (most of which has become staples in my summertime wardrobe).

I’ll be perusing the racks tomorrow afternoon at Vermillion from 3-8PM, spending money  I don’t have and jamming out to the stylings of Krause and Aykut Ozen. I caught up with Marz this week about her tastes in music, so if you want to get hip some awesome new music (her taste is quite obscure and eclectic), read on.

1.) What 5 artists are you listening to the most right now?

This music accompanies me throughout my endless daily activities. Each artist represents my varying degrees of emotions. They are dark, yet have redemptive qualities. They are pop, but through a filter. All have cool, sexy, and effortless qualities that keep me intrigued, and keep me inspired. Baby Guns Haunted Horses , and Grave Babies never disappoints. Religious Girls and Perpetual Ritual.

2.) What music do you put on first thing in the morning?

Cap Lori‘s gently sweet tones help to start the day. I connect to the realness of self and accept life’s ups and downs. Tennessee (of Cap Lori) helps me feel connected to the earth in all its spiritual mysteries.

3.) What do you jam out to while prefunking for a night out?

Sophie B. Hawkins – Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover is my jam. Loving, to me, is a free spirited gift to offer yourself and others. I love to feel the excitement of what fun the night can bring, while getting ready.

4.) If you could pick any band/artist to perform for your runway show, who would it be and why?

//z o o because she is a rad chick who stands strong. I think she would help represent my TWINSISTR vintage collection in a way that promotes individuality and confidence.

5.) What band/artist best represents your (design) style?

ORTIES are ultra badass sex goddesses willing to align their impeccable taste in music with a modernistic style that breaks down barriers.

6.) What musician/band would you most like to style or design for?

I caught this charming band, HALF GIFT at the Comet about a month ago and they are super welcoming, and enjoy self expression which is very important to my individual style aesthetic.

7.) What musician/band are you most excited to see play that is coming to town in the next few months?

I like to stay connected to my community, and I am the type of person who goes and does exactly what I feel like doing when opportunities arise, so I think that everyone should do what they feel in life and go places and never give up their dreams.

One band I am super psyched to see is MODE MODERNE on June 15th at The Rendezvous Theater. See you there?

(Photo credits in order of appearance: Jake Clifford; Andrew Paul Kerr; Anastasia Kiryanova; Lauren Max)